Information Technology - Cybersecurity

A new 2 year Associate degree in Cyber Security is beginning in the the Fall of 2018.

Short-Term Certificate   2 Year Degree   Contact Information

The 2 Year Degree consists of the following courses:

Northwest State - Cybersecurity
Fall, Year 1   Fall, Year 2
BUS101 - Introduction to Business   ACC111 - Financial Accounting
CIS191 - Computer Operations   CYB210 - Cyber Programming
ENG111 - Composition I   MTH109 - College Algebra
CIS165 - Java Programming   CIS193 - Microsoft Server Technology
CIS195 - Networking Essentials   CYB220 - Security Auditing
Spring, Year 1   Spring, Year 2
CIS114 - Microsoft Applications   BUS211 - Business Communications
CIS194 - IT Security Fundamentals   CIS155 - Linux Networking I
ENG112 - Composition II   CYB230 - Network Security
Natural Science Elective   PHI210 - Ethics
CIS109 - Database Programming   Social/Behavioral Science Elective

Full course descriptions can be found in the Northwest State Community College catalog
Potential funding options for the short-term certificate include financial aid, grants, and scholarship.

We have a 2+2 program established with Franklin University that will allow you to get a 4-year degree:

Franklin University - Cyber Security
Additional Courses to be taken at Northwest State Community College
STA120 - Introduction to Statistics
ENG113 - Speech
Science Elective (with lab)
Social/Behavioral Science Elective
Humanities Elective
Courses to be taken online from Franklin University
COMP204 - Principles of Computer Networks
COMP281 - Database Management Systems
ISEC136 - Principles of Programming
ISEC300 - Information Assurance
ISEC350 - Security Risk Management
ISEC375 - Digital Forensics & Incident Response
ISEC400 - Software Development Security
ISEC475 - Security Engineering & Assessment
ISEC495 - Cyber Security Capstone
MATH280 - Intoduction to Probability and Statistics
MIS200 - Management Information Systems
MIS310 - Information Systems Architecture & Technology
PF321 - Learning Strategies
WEBD101 - Introduction to Web Page Construction
WEBD236 - Web Information Programming

Contact information:

Course and program information:
Tony Hills
Full-Time IT Faculty

Funding information:
Northwest State Community College Financial Aid Office